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Sipaki Annamária

Annamari Sipaki

Design addict from the worst kind. I am moved by the connection between spaces, invisible functions in a space, beautiful textures. Is is a must that the space I designed must be loved by those who use it.

I further my professional skills continously. I’ve taken kitchen design course in Milan, saw how they produce bath products in Germany. I visit professional fairs as often as I can especially the 100% Design in London and The Milan Furniture fair to stay up to date.

Szalai Dezső

Dezső Szalai

As an architect I am concerned about designing spaces, which can be very well used. Did we make the maximum of the space? Were we eco and sustainable enough? Are the spaces flexible and highly functional? As an amateaur photographer I am a slave to the lights and shadows.

Graff Andrea

Andrea Graff

Építésznek tanultam, de a vonzalmam a belsőterek felé vitt el végül. Már gyerekként is tudtam, hogy valami rajzos szakmám lesz. Imádom a szépet, és boldog vagyok, mert szépséget csempészhetek az otthonokba.

Gerstmayer Georgina

Georgina Gerstmayer

Festőművészként végeztem, így mindenem a vizualitás, az esztétika. Az egyetem után a project management felé indultam el, mert szeretem a kihívásokat, az új megoldások keresését. Vonz a belsőépítészet, mert ezen a területen egyszerre használhatom a bennem lévő kreativitást és gyakorlatiasságot.

When do I need design professionals?

  • When you want to remodel your living space
  • When it’s important to you to keep within your budget
  • When you want to save time
  • When you don’t exactly know what styles you prefer or want to follow

Many of you asked...

Can you help me with the realization?

Yes, we can. We have many different general subcontractors that we work with and we can help you get in touch with them.

Realization of your project/Reconsctruction/Refurbishment

It is a very important thing for us to know your budget consideration. We do not rule out anything. If you want Ikea furniture, so be it. If you think it is expensive to work with a pro, try an amateaur!

Call us, tell us what you want, and we’ll gladly give you a quote!

What if I don’t like your design ideas?

We are interior designers. We have the experience to understand your preferences and discover your hidden flair for design by asking you a great number of questions. If we don’t happen to come up with a result that you want (it hasn’t really occurred in the past 15 years) we will change the original concept and you will surely like the second one.

I haven’t found a design I’d like to have in your portfolio

That’s no problem at all! The portfolio reflects our design concepts which are always in accordance with the style and personal taste of our customers. We can assure you that we deliver the most desirable design solutions that satisfy your needs. Feel free to follow us on Facebook to see how we think.

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